[slime-devel] [PATCH] new contrib: slime-typeout-buffer

Michael Weber michaelw+slime at foldr.org
Sun Aug 31 09:15:24 UTC 2008

Attached is a patch for a new contrib: slime-typeout-buffer.  It does  
the same as slime-typeout-frame, but is configurable with standard  
(GNU) Emacs variables.

For example, I have the following in special-display-regexps  
(different height, pin frame to top):

   '(("^\\*SLIME Typeout\\*$"
      (height . 20)
      (top . 0)
      (minibuffer . nil))

Another interesting effect can be achieved by adding (same-frame . t)  
and advising display-buffer to shrink the typeout frame to just a few  

To install, replace slime-typeout-frame with slime-typeout-buffer in  
slime-setup's list of contribs.


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