[slime-devel] Threading warnings on SBCL 1.0.19 Darwin x86

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Fri Aug 29 19:36:15 UTC 2008

Apologies folks for the cross-threading, this is related to the issue
many have experienced running SLIME on a threaded SBCL under Darwin

On 29-Aug-08, at 3:22 AM, Nikodemus Siivola wrote:
> No, sorry for my bogus knowledge. Last time I checked, which was
> probably during 10.4, the only timed wait I found was the IIRC
> SemaphoreWait or similar which did not like SBCL at all. (Mysterious
> messages to terminal is not usually a good sign...)

Support for a timeout value appears to be there for futexes, and I
think all of the lutex platforms support pthread_cond_timedwait. It
should be fairly simple to support a :TIMEOUT optional parameter in

To address the issue, are there any major concerns with the following

Index: src/code/target-thread.lisp
RCS file: /cvsroot/sbcl/sbcl/src/code/target-thread.lisp,v
retrieving revision 1.93
diff -r1.93 target-thread.lisp
<     (progn
<       ;; FIXME: This doesn't look interrupt safe!
<       (setf (mutex-%owner mutex) nil)
<       (with-lutex-address (queue-lutex-address (waitqueue-lutex  
<         (with-lutex-address (mutex-lutex-address (mutex-lutex mutex))
<           (%lutex-wait queue-lutex-address mutex-lutex-address)))
 >     (unwind-protect
 > 	 (progn
 > 	   (setf (mutex-%owner mutex) nil)
 > 	   (with-lutex-address (queue-lutex-address (waitqueue-lutex queue))
 > 	     (with-lutex-address (mutex-lutex-address (mutex-lutex mutex))
 > 	       (%lutex-wait queue-lutex-address mutex-lutex-address))))
 >       ;; restore the owner of the mutex if we are interrupted


- Scott Bell

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