[slime-devel] Re: REPL frame activation

Michael Weber michaelw+slime at foldr.org
Tue Aug 19 21:31:01 UTC 2008

On Aug 19, 2008, at 11:10 , Tobias C. Rittweiler wrote:

> Setting display-buffer-reuse-frames to t results in C-c C-z being a  
> because the REPL window is already displayed in a frame, but the  
> window
> within that frame isn't selected and input focus isn't updated
> accordingly.

Ho-hum, look what I found stashed away in a config file:

      (defadvice slime-switch-to-output-buffer
          (after mwe-slime-switch-to-output-buffer activate)
        (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)))

This gives focus to the frame showing the repl buffer (I am using the  
previous slime-s-t-o-b).
Other than that I think you need to set display-buffer-reuse-frames to  
t.  Or alternatively, set
special-display-regexps to
      (("slime-repl" (same-frame . t)))


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