[slime-devel] created function echo-area-width

Greg Pfeil greg at technomadic.org
Fri Aug 15 01:20:55 UTC 2008

I’ve been playing around with having the minibuffer in its own frame  
that spans the width of my display, but I noticed the slime one-liners  
were still being truncated to the width of a normal frame. This change  
uses the width of the minibuffer window that's associated with the  
current frame (since it is not necessarily the same width as the  
current frame).

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Also, I noticed this was a little weird, but haven't looked into it  
yet. This is what's offered as the arglist for with-open-file on a  
relatively-recent CCL:

	(with-open-file (var &key direction element-type if-exists if-does- 
not-exist external-format class sharing basic) &body body)

It seems to be missing the all-important filespec parameter.

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