[slime-devel] Re: new debugger behavior?

Lars Rune Nøstdal larsnostdal at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 21:42:35 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 19:16 +0200, Tobias C. Rittweiler wrote:
> Carlos Konstanski <ckonstanski at pippiandcarlos.com> writes:
> > Last week I upgraded from slime-2.0_p20070816 to slime-2.0_p20080731
> > (these are the gentoo ebuild names).  We're looking at a pretty big
> > jump here; these builds are a year apart.  In that year, something
> > changed in the debugger that is not to my liking.  I am hoping that it
> > is a feature that I can turn off.
> >
> > When I hit an error in my code, I no longer enter the debugger.
> > Instead, I just get a printed backtrace in the REPL.  If I put a
> > (break) in the code, I do enter the debugger.  I would like to enter
> > the debugger on all errors, like the good old days.
> >
> > Does this sound like a feature that was added in the last year?  Or do
> > I need to look elsewhere for the cause?
> If SWANK:*GLOBAL-DEBUGGER* is T, CL:*DEBUGGER-HOOK* is globally set to
> the swank debugger which means that all errors should land you into the
> *GLOBAL-DEBUGGER* is actually T by default,

on the latest checkout from CVS just now it seems it is NIL .. i set it
back to T and stuff works as before again here

Lars Rune Nøstdal

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