[slime-devel] Re: new debugger behavior?

Carlos Konstanski ckonstanski at pippiandcarlos.com
Sun Aug 10 15:14:20 UTC 2008

Helmut Eller writes:
 > * Carlos Konstanski [2008-08-09 18:03+0200] writes:
 > > Does this sound like a feature that was added in the last year?  Or do
 > > I need to look elsewhere for the cause?
 > This sounds more like a bug.  Is this CCL/Openmcl?  As far as I can tell,
 > our backend for CCL is more or less broken.
 > Helmut.

OK, I think this has nothing to do with slime, rather it is a problem?
feature? of the new sbcl-1.0.19.  I can reproduce the issue when
running without slime in an sbcl REPL at the command line.  I guess
the next step is to try sbcl-1.0.18 and see if the issue persists
(which it won't), and examine the changelog.

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