[slime-devel] Re: Inspector features regressed

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Mon Apr 28 18:20:40 UTC 2008

* Madhu [2008-04-28 03:51+0200] writes:

> The default slime inspector used to support a variable called
> which was useful if you had to inspect large objects for certain
> programs with some characterestics.  This customization has been
> removed[1] by Helmut's patches of 2008-02-09, replaced with hardcoded
> behaviour which is a pain in the ass for a few use cases [that I
> commonly use I can elaborate on these, if someone is interested]

I would be interested.

> Is there some way to get the earlier functionality before, specifically
> where the limit can be specified and used in the "dynamic extent" of an
> inspector session?

Using the old version or writing your own inspector are possible ways.

> [1] Around July 2007, some [clueless] changes to the inspector broke
> this functionality, and I had reported these to the mailing list, and
> submitted my local patches, which were ignored until the functionality
> was removed.
> As in the case of slime history behaviour, the concern here is that
> existing useful functionality has again been removed in the [false name]
> of simplifying things, and replaced with something significantly worse.

Not every feature is it worth have, but simplicity is not optional.
Feel free to disagree.


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