[slime-devel] Inspector features regressed

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Mon Apr 28 01:51:49 UTC 2008

The default slime inspector used to support a variable called

which was useful if you had to inspect large objects for certain
programs with some characterestics.  This customization has been
removed[1] by Helmut's patches of 2008-02-09, replaced with hardcoded
behaviour which is a pain in the ass for a few use cases [that I
commonly use I can elaborate on these, if someone is interested]

Is there some way to get the earlier functionality before, specifically
where the limit can be specified and used in the "dynamic extent" of an
inspector session?

[1] Around July 2007, some [clueless] changes to the inspector broke
this functionality, and I had reported these to the mailing list, and
submitted my local patches, which were ignored until the functionality
was removed.

As in the case of slime history behaviour, the concern here is that
existing useful functionality has again been removed in the [false name]
of simplifying things, and replaced with something significantly worse.

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