[slime-devel] OpenMCL: stream ... is private to ...

Edi Weitz edi at agharta.de
Mon Oct 15 22:05:28 UTC 2007


I've bought a new laptop and as I can use OpenMCL now (the new machine
having a 64-bit processor), I recently started working with it via
SLIME.  But I soon ran into problems that reminded me of bug reports I
had seen before[*] and I could confirm that I only had these problems
when I worked from within SLIME.  What's happening is that OpenMCL
complains about a stream being private to some "exhausted" process.

So, before I might try to investigate this further or try to send a
more detailed bug report with a reproducible test case - is this maybe
a known issue?  I searched Gmane and Google, but couldn't find
anything, but maybe I just missed the important bits and pieces.

FWIW, OpenMCL is 1.1.pre-release (snapshot 070722) on Linux x86-64
(Ubuntu 7.04), SLIME is from CVS from approx. two weeks ago on GNU
Emacs 22.1.


[*] For example:


    Now, Hunchentoot is multi-threaded, but I saw the same problem
    while working with an application that doesn't start its own
    processes, so I guess it was some Swank process which was the
    culprit in my case.

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