[slime-devel] inspect-slot-for-emacs (without html)

Knut Olav Bøhmer knobo at online.no
Wed Oct 10 13:41:59 UTC 2007

(Forgot, to remove html in mail...)

How about doing something like this in inspect-slot-for-emacs

file:  cvs/slime/contrib/swank-fancy-inspector.lisp function:

                       (eval (read-from-string value-string))))))))
+      (:action ,(custom-inspect-name class object slot)
+           ,(lambda () (custom-inspect-call class object slot)))
      ,@(when boundp
          `(" " (:action "[make unbound]"

With the following methods something like this:

(defmethod custom-inspect-name (class object slot)
    "[No custom inspections]")

(defmethod custom-inspect-call (class object slot)

And then one could make own methods specializing on your own classes and

(defmethod custom-inspect-name ((class person) object (slot company))
   (format nil  "[boss of ~a]" (name-of person))

(defmethod custom-inspect-call ((class person) object (slot company))
   (slime-inspect (boss-of person))
Or whatever object models you have. Maybe make custom-inspect-call to
follow relations in cl-sql....

(and add necessary checks, restarts and handler-cases)

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