[slime-devel] Re: More methods to select buffers

Ole Arndt ole at sugarshark.com
Fri May 18 22:41:47 UTC 2007

Hello Tobias,

"Tobias C. Rittweiler" <tcr at freebits.de> writes:

> the patch as such looks very good, but I could envision that both
> behaviours are actually useful depending on the situation. Thus I wonder
> if it wasn't more prudent to make it pop when a prefix was given by the
> user. (`C-u') What do you think?

actually that was my first idea as well. Just the other way around, I
wanted it to pop by default and switch with prefix.

I just like the pop-to-buffer behavior better. I think it is easy to
type 'C-x 1', in the rare cases when the other window is taking to much
screen space. Easier than typing `C-x 2' `C-c r l' `C-x o' if you want
to view your last source buffer with your full-frame REPL. ( `C-c r' is
my binding for slime-selector.)

Two reasons why I dropped this idea:

- I wanted to support a third, user provideable function. This gives the
user for example the possibility to differenciate the switching behavior
based on buffer name.  The semantics of a prefix for this function are

- I could not find an easy way of passing the prefix into the selection
methods and into all recursive calls of slime-selector. 

> P.S.: Btw. I noticed that the help buffer isn't properly closed when you
> first press `?', and then one of the other choices. If you've got time,
> a patch would be greatly welcomed as well. :) 


2007-05-18  Ole Arndt  <ole <at> sugarshark.com>

	* slime.el (def-slime-selector-method ??): Close help buffer if
	still open after final selection.

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