[slime-devel] More methods to select buffers

Ole Arndt ole at sugarshark.com
Tue May 8 22:37:30 UTC 2007


I started using slime not too long ago. Soon I found myself using the
slime selector methods a lot, switching to the REPL and back again to the
source file. But soon I realized that I wanted both buffers visible most
of the time. Instead of `switch-to-buffer', I liked slime to use
`pop-to-buffer' in its selector methods.

Attached is a diff against the current CVS HEAD that introduces a new
customization variable into slime, `slime-select-buffer-function', which
will allow the user to either switch the buffer selection behavior from
`switch-to-buffer' to `pop-to-buffer' semantics, or to provide her own

Other changes: When using another function than `switch-to-buffer' as
a buffer selection function, the algorithm selecting recent source
buffers will also consider visible buffers if they are not the current
one. This will toggle between the last two buffers instead of rotating
the buffers.

When uncustomized the patch should retain the current behavior. 

Ole Arndt                     http://www.sugarshark.com

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