[slime-devel] prob with emacs+slime+macos

Christian Lynbech christian.lynbech at ericsson.com
Fri Mar 16 14:04:10 UTC 2007

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro  <pedrosl at gmail.com> writes:

Pedro> however, when I start Aquamacs, do M-x and type slime I get this message:

Pedro> "Process inferior-lisp bus error"

Pedro> why?

I have not seen that error, and I also use slime on Mac (allthough
mostly with SBCL), so I am guessing, but it could a message indicating
that the lisp process (CMUCL) has died with a bus error. I would be
rather surprised if it is the emacs process (anf not the child lisp
process) that generates the bus error since that would quite likely
have killed emacs alltogether.

Have you tried running /usr/local/cmucl/bin/lisp from a shell to
verify that the binary actually works? 

You could also try both in a Mac terminal window and a emacs shell
(M-x shell) just to make sure that starting the process from within
emacs doesn't tilt something important.

Finally you could consider trying with some of the other emacs' (such
as http://www.porkrind.org/emacs) and/or different version of Aquamacs
(there is both a released version and a nightly generated snapshot).

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