[slime-devel] [PATCH] Making Fuzzy Completion semantically complete.

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sat Mar 3 15:30:52 UTC 2007

The attached patch makes Slime's fuzzy completion semantically 
complete. For example on SBCL, "sb:with C-c M-i" will now display
all with-style macros of all sb-* packages!

Here is an extract of the resulting *Fuzzy Completions* buffer (the
output in the real buffer is even cooler, as the relevant matchings
of substrings of "sb:with" are highlighted):

  Completion:                                   Flags:  Score:
  --------------------------------------------- ------- --------
  sb-c:with-source-location                     -f--m--    62.97
  sb-ext:with-timeout                           -f--m--    62.16
  sb-sys:without-gcing                          -f--m--    62.05
  sb-alien:with-alien                           -f--m--    61.90
  sb-sys:with-fd-handler                        -f--m--    61.88
  sb-sys:with-interrupts                        -f--m--    61.88
  sb-int:with-unique-names                      -f--m--    61.76
  sb-thread:with-mutex                          -f--m--    61.72
  sb-sys:without-interrupts                     -f--m--    61.71
  sb-int:with-sane-io-syntax                    -f--m--    61.67
  sb-sys:with-pinned-objects                    -f--m--    61.67
  sb-ext:without-package-locks                  -f--m--    61.60
  sb-ext:with-unlocked-packages                 -f--m--    61.57
  sb-int:with-rebound-io-syntax                 -f--m--    61.57
  sb-int:with-float-traps-masked                -f--m--    61.55
  sb-sys:with-enabled-interrupts                -------    61.55
  sb-unix:with-restarted-syscall                -f--m--    61.24
  sb-assem:without-scheduling                   -f--m--    61.14
  sb-kernel:with-array-data                     -f--m--    61.13
  sb-kernel:%with-array-data                    -f-----    61.06
  sb-thread:with-new-session                    -f--m--    61.06
  sb-thread:with-recursive-lock                 -f--m--    60.92
  sb-kernel:%with-array-data-macro              -f--m--    60.82
  sb-kernel:with-circularity-detection          -f--m--    60.73
  sb-kernel:with-single-package-locked-error    -f--m--    60.64
  swank-backend:with-struct                     -f--m--    59.43
  sb-c:lambda-with-lexenv                       -------    56.67 

The patch depends on my two previous patches. Appliable via -p0.
Tested on SBCL and CLISP.


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