[slime-devel] Folding mode support

Alain Picard Alain.Picard at memetrics.com
Tue Jul 24 23:46:15 UTC 2007

Dear slimers,

I like to use folding-mode to structure my lisp files.
However it drives me insane that this breaks slime's
SLIME-EDIT-DEFINITION functionality if the buffer is already
loaded and folded somehow.

This little piece of advice fixes this.  I think it may more
properly belong in folding-mode than in slime, but in the short
term, slimer's are the ones who will most benefit, so I thought
I'd share it with you guys.

(defadvice slime-goto-location-position (around slime-folding-goto-line first activate)
  "Jump to a slime position in a buffer in folding-mode."
  (if folding-mode
      (let ((line nil))
	(setq line (line-number-at-pos))
	(folding-goto-line line))


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