[slime-devel] slime-reindent-defun broken?

Andreas Fuchs asf at boinkor.net
Mon Jul 16 12:43:42 UTC 2007

Hi there,

I've recently updated my slime, and find that slime-reindent-defun in a
lisp-mode file buffer is no longer working: it tries to call
slime-repl-at-prompt-start-p, which tries to compare a number and the
value of slime-repl-input-start-mark, which is nil.

This patch fixes the symptoms, but it looks a bit wrong to me. Maybe
somebody who knows more about the constraints involved can come up with
a better fix.

Index: slime.el
RCS file: /project/slime/cvsroot/slime/slime.el,v
retrieving revision 1.794
diff -u -r1.794 slime.el
--- slime.el	28 Jun 2007 12:27:51 -0000	1.794
+++ slime.el	16 Jul 2007 12:43:02 -0000
@@ -10047,7 +10047,8 @@
         (fill-paragraph nil)
       (let ((start (progn (unless (or (and (zerop (current-column))
                                            (eq ?\( (char-after)))
-                                      (slime-repl-at-prompt-start-p))
+                                      (and slime-repl-input-start-mark
+                                           (slime-repl-at-prompt-start-p)))
             (end (ignore-errors (slime-end-of-defun) (point))))

Andreas Fuchs, (http://|im:asf@|mailto:asf@)boinkor.net, antifuchs

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