[slime-devel] [FIX] Re: ?BUG? Re: repl history navigation and M-r

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Fri Jul 13 16:16:51 UTC 2007

* Helmut Eller <m2d54xe76h.fsf at common-lisp.net> :
| * Madhu [2007-01-29 06:38+0100] writes:
|> Helu, On Updated from CVS, I noticed that repl history is broken in
|> the following way:
|> Typing M-r REGEXP brings the previous matching history item in the repl.
|> Immediately Typing M-r REGEXP <RET> again does not bring up an earlier
|> history item as expected.
| Expected by whom?  Can't you press M-r REGEXP followed by M-p/M-n if
| you need the next item?

The behaviour described above is how emacs minibuffer history search
works, and how the history search for comint modes work.

Slime's repl history search started off conforming to that behaviour
but currently differs.

FWIW I'm attaching a file which has the definitions of Slime's original
history functions from April 2006 which work when loaded on top of a
current slime (Jul 2007) and revert the functionality to that era

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