[slime-devel] ?BUG? Re: repl history navigation and M-r

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Mon Jan 29 05:38:04 UTC 2007

Helu, On Updated from CVS, I noticed that repl history is broken in
the following way:

Typing M-r REGEXP brings the previous matching history item in the repl.
Immediately Typing M-r REGEXP <RET> again does not bring up an earlier
history item as expected.

Note: the search through history is not complete. 

Typically the second time I type M-r, I uparrow and modify/refine the
REGEXP for searching backwards from the point of the earlier search.

So Currently, M-r can be used only to get at the most recent item in
history matching REGEXP.and cannot be called successively.

(M-r is bound to slime-repl-previous-matching-input)

slime-history-repl-map is no longer present. I have not spent the time
to understand the new mechanism yet, and thought I'd ask here first
How is the new repl history mechanism meant to be used? Perhaps I'm
missing something?


* "Attila Lendvai" <b54b34af0701160442i2de472a6ja9409129b957e125 at XXX> :
|> | a recent checkin to cvs eliminated a very useful (ymmv) feature: M-r
|> | and M-s behaved just like C-s when it was sequently pressed more then
|> | once.
|> [I haven't updated in a while so I still get this behaviour -- with
|> this behaviour, I dont know how to handle this scenario: Type a few
|> characters, press M-r a few times getting a few matches, and _then_
|> modify the regexp being searched for, without having to start over]
| an arrow key (in fact any other key then M-r), M-r again (history
| position is not reset), M-p for history in the minibuffer and modify
| the regexp. not as cool as C-s but good enough without a lot of extra
| code.

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