[slime-devel] Re: [Re: SLIME manual fixes]

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Mon Jan 29 02:13:15 UTC 2007

* "Bill Clementson" <8757cb490701281739w13649d3dxf0374280a8135cd3 at XXX> :

| However, I disagree with your assertion that "any decent manual should
| contain indices" 

Ah, there we disagree!

| and also the implication that the manual (as it currently is) does
| not represent "correct documentation".

It was an unfortunate incorrect use of the word `correct' but the
I didnt want to claim the "current manual is not correct"

| A manual should be designed for an audience and I think the slime
| manual DOES meet the needs of slime developers without function and
| key binding indices.

I was operating under the assumption of a wider audience, of users who
are not slime developers, including those who may also be learning
emacs simultaneously with slime.

| I don't know that there is any good use case for keeping them. The key
| bindings and functions are covered in context in other parts of the
| manual. There's no need to duplicate that coverage in appendices.

This misses the point of an index.


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