[slime-devel] [Re: SLIME manual fixes]

Jeffrey Cunningham jeffrey at cunningham.net
Sun Jan 21 16:14:37 UTC 2007

I should have noticed that 'reply' went to Luke and not the list.


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On Sun Jan 21, 2007 at 02:32:32PM +0100, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> The manual improvements look good, great work!
> Appendix A (index of keybindings) is excellent but I'm not sure that
> Appendix B (index of functions) is worth its price in virtual trees.
> Are there good "use cases" for it?

My reasoning was that if you want to find out what a function does
without doing a text search it may be your only option. It isn't
always clear what section you would find it in from the name

But what really induced me to add it was when an upgrade of xpdf at
work broke its text search capability and all I had on that machine
was slime.pdf.  ;-)

If no one else thinks it could be useful, I'll take it out. 


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