[slime-devel] LispWorks docs from SLIME.

Bill Clementson billclem at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 17:14:00 UTC 2007

On 1/12/07, Edi Weitz <edi at agharta.de> wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 11:15:38 +0100, Johannes Grødem <johs at netfonds.no> wrote:
> > Does anyone happen to have a snippet of code to look up LispWorks
> > documentation from SLIME?  (As in the LispWorks GUI.)
> You might want to look at how LW-ADD-ONS does it and copy that.

Edi forgot to mention his CAPI-OVERVIEW
(http://weitz.de/capi-overview/) utility. If you're interested in GUI
programming with LispWorks CAPI, CAPI-OVERVIEW is a great resource. In
addition, his MIDGETS widgets (try to say that 3 times quickly!)
provides a collection of reusable CAPI widgets:

Bill Clementson

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