[slime-devel] SLIME to JEdit???

Sean Charles sean.charles at objitsu.com
Mon Apr 23 16:02:24 UTC 2007

OK, here's a thought...

...I like Emacs+Slime but I also like Jedit. I use JScheme a lot and  
it's nice to be in a 'Java bucket' running JScheme.

Given the existence of Linj, does anybody think it'd be up for  
porting the SLIME code base, or the minimum working set required to  
support Jedit, using Linj to convert the slime code into Java...  
presumably only the client side code would be required.  Sadly I do  
not have the necessary experience with the code base to even begin  
thinking about starting something like this.

It'd be very interesting to see how far Linj could get things 'for  
free' as it where.
LINJ: (http://www.evaluator.pt/download.html)

I also use SchemeWay with Eclipse because it is the only alternative  
to SLIME+Emacs for my SISCWeb stuff.

Sean Charles.

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