[slime-devel] smarter loop indentation?

Nikodemus Siivola nikodemus at random-state.net
Fri Apr 20 07:43:01 UTC 2007

Mac Chan wrote:

> Maybe it's just me.

It's just you. ;-)

Seriously, though: I _strongly_ recommend you stick with standard

  * Only by using it will you learn to read it without thinking,
    and only that way will you ever be able to read other people's
    code fluently.

  * If you don't use it no-one else will be able to read your code

Saying "this is just playing around" or "just for my own use" is not
IMO a good reason to diverge from the goal of universal readability.

> With the cursor at _ I pressed C-M-q indent-sexp and the result is
> (loop for i from 1 upto 3
>      for x in '(a b c) collect
>      (cons i x))

What can I say? "Works for me."

Possibly your Emacs is too old, in

lisp-loop-forms-indentation is a variable defined in `cl-indent.el'.
Its value is 6

*Indentation of forms in extended loop forms.

You can customize this variable.

> BTW I'm using emacs 21.4, CVS slime and sbcl 0.9.14 on fedora4

Just FYI: unless there are pressing reasons to stay with 0.9.14, SBCL
1.0.5 is coming out in a week or two.


  -- Nikodemus

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