[slime-devel] smarter loop indentation?

Mac Chan emailmac at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 04:30:18 UTC 2007


Please accept my apology if this is a faq.

Is there a way to make slime indent the loop macro differently to
reduce the intentation level?

(loop for i from 1 to 100
      for x in collection do
      (setq a b
            x y))


(loop for i from 1 to 100
      for x in collection do
  (setq a b
        x y))

I'd _really_ like to keep my code in 80-column if I can help it.

I found that I frequently replace a simple loop with dotimes or dolist
just for this purpose. But loop is a lot more malleable because you
can add / remove clauses easily.

I searched the mailing list and there's one hit that is related to this



but I don't see any followup from that thread.

I also can't find relevant info in the documenation.

If there's a way to configure CVS slime to do this I'd love to know.

Or if there is separate emacs module that is not part of slime?

-- Mac

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