Extras [was Re: [slime-devel] Re: recording and compiling changed definitions]

Brian Downing bdowning at lavos.net
Mon Apr 9 19:57:26 UTC 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 09:34:22PM +0200, Helmut Eller wrote:
> Maybe we should create a new module in the CVS repository, say
> slime-extras, for non-essential or not-mature features.  That would be
> very useful to make such code publicly available.  I'm not sure
> whether CVS is a good tool for such purposes.  Anyway, the core of
> Slime should be/become reasonably small and robust.

I'd rather see it stay within the same repository, for two main reasons.
One, it reduces the user workload to get extra features, as they only
need to check out once.  Two (and perhaps more importantly), it makes
extras easy to find as a relative path from slime.el and swank.lisp --
if it was a separate CVS module, it would both have to be checked out
separately and either put in a particular place or configured per-user.
This problem is doubly compounded when using Slime and Swank on different
hosts (as double checkout and configuration would have to happen twice).

However, I'd strongly recommend each extra module having its own
ChangeLog, and to keep module change noise out of the Slime ChangeLog.

My two cents (with my pathetic opinion credit of four commits or so
:) says that that is probably a good compromise between theoretical
clenliness and user workload.


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