[slime-devel] Daily ChangeLog diff

Marco Baringer mbaringer at common-lisp.net
Mon Apr 9 04:35:01 UTC 2007

Index: slime/ChangeLog
diff -u slime/ChangeLog:1.1091 slime/ChangeLog:1.1105
--- slime/ChangeLog:1.1091	Fri Apr  6 12:06:44 2007
+++ slime/ChangeLog	Sun Apr  8 18:56:32 2007
@@ -1,3 +1,232 @@
+2007-04-09  Marco Baringer  <mb at bese.it>
+	* swank.lisp (inspector-content-for-emacs): Look for refresh
+	keyword argument in :action links.
+	(inspect-whole-thing-action, inspect-show-more-action): Update for
+	new :action argument handling.
+	(inspect-for-emacs stream, inspect-for-emacs stream-error): Pass
+	:refresh nil on :action links.
+	(action-part-for-emacs): Set both lambda and refresh in the
+	*inspectee-actions* array.
+	(inspector-call-nth-action): *inspectee-actions* now holds both
+	the function and the boolean specifying whether to refresh or not.
+	* swank-backend.lisp (inspect-for-emacs): Docstring update.
+	* slime.el (slime-inspector-operate-on-point): Allow the action
+	calls to return nil.
+2007-04-08  Marco Baringer  <mb at bese.it>
+	* .cvsignore: Added *.lx64fsl (openmcl on linux fasls).
+2007-04-08  Marco Baringer  <mb at bese.it>
+	* swank.lisp (inspect-for-emacs): Added 'jump to source' action
+	for symbols in the new package-symbol browser.
+2007-04-08  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* swank.lisp: Implemented a new special inspector page for
+	displaying internal (external, &c) symbols that display
+	classification flags additionally to each symbol, similiar to the
+	content of a *Fuzzy Completion* buffer.  Furthermore, added the
+	possibility to display all symbols that are /present/ in a
+	package. Combined with cleanup of the code parts in question.
+	(symbol-status): New function. Returns the status of a symbol in a
+	given package (:internal, :external &c.)
+	(symbol-external-p): Adapted to use new function SYMBOL-STATUS.
+	(symbol-classification->string): New function. Converts a list of
+	classification flags into a concise string representation.
+	(%package-symbols-container): New struct. We need a unique type to
+	dispatch in INSPECT-FOR-EMACS for the new inspector page, use this
+	as a wrapper structure.
+	(inspect-for-emacs package): Reorganized to not cause too much eye
+	cancer; now with a saner maximum column width. Changed to make use
+	of new SYMBOL-STATUS, for code reuse. Also changed to make use of
+	new %PACKAGE-SYMBOLS-CONTAINER to let a new page pop up in Emacs
+	if the user wants to access the list of symbols of the package.
+	Added such a possibility to access all `present' symbols.
+	(inspect-for-emacs %package-symbols-container): New method.
+	Displays all symbols wrapped up in the container structure
+	combined with their classification flags as determined by
+2007-04-08  Luís Oliveira <loliveira at common-lisp.net>
+	* swank-backend.lisp (compute-sane-restarts): New interface.
+	* swank-clisp.lisp: Fix tabs and trailing whitespace.
+	(compute-sane-restarts): Implement new interface.
+2007-04-08 Takehiko Abe <keke at gol.com>
+	* swank-openmcl.lisp (xref-locations):
+2007-04-08  Marco Baringer <mb at bese.it>
+	* swank.lisp (fuzzy-completion-set): Use two check-type forms
+	instead of a place like (values limit time-limit-in-msec). While
+	sbcl seems to accept this form openmcl doesn't and it's not clear
+	from the spec that this is allowed.
+2007-04-07 Harald Hanche-Olsen <hanche at math.ntnu.no>
+	* slime.el (sldb-mode-map): Added key definition for follow-link.
+2007-04-06  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* swank.lisp: Making fuzzy completion regard the time limit
+	correctly. Also make it properly use microseconds as time
+	granularity and inform the Emacs side if the time limit has
+	exhausted. Additionally, over all minor and cosmetic changes:
+	(fuzzy-completions, fuzzy-completion-set): Returns now
+	additionally a flag indicating whether the time limit has
+	exhausted under the hood. Accomodated docstring accordingly.
+	(fuzzy-create-completion-set): Changed to correctly catch and
+	propagate the remaining time limit to the actual match functions,
+	and return once time limit has exhausted. Some aesthetical code 
+	reorganization.
+	(get-real-time-in-msecs): New function. 
+	(fuzzy-find-matching-symbols, fuzzy-find-matching-packages):
+	Correctly regard the time limit. Use new function
+	GET-REAL-TIME-IN-MSECS for that purpose. Return the remaining
+	time limit as second value.
+	* slime.el (slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol): Accomodated to deal with
+	the additionally returned flag of SWANK:FUZZY-COMPLETIONS. Pass
+	the flag by.
+	(slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Pass interruption flag by.
+	(slime-fuzzy-fill-completions-buffer): If time limit has exhausted
+	during completion retrieval, show an informational indication as
+	last entry in *Fuzzy Completion*.
+	(slime-fuzzy-last): New variable. To hold the last real completion
+	choice previous to the (possible) Time Limit Exhausted information.
+	(slime-fuzzy-next): Accomodated to not go beneath SLIME-FUZZY-LAST.
+2007-04-06  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* swank.lisp (tokenize-symbol, tokenize-symbol-thoroughly):
+	Previously these functions said a string representing a symbol is
+	internal exactly if it contained "::" as substring. Now they say
+	additionally so for symbols without any package identifier, as
+	they are internal to am implicit current package. (Otherwise
+	will break fuzzy completion.)
+	(tokenize-symbol): Added docstring.
+	* swank.lisp (format-completion-result): Fixed formation
+	for the case that PACKAGE-NAME is NIL but INTERNAL-P is T.
+2007-04-06  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* swank.lisp: Making fuzzy completion semantically right from a
+	user perspective. As an example on SBCL, "sb:with- C-c M-i" will
+	display all exported "with"-style macros in all sb-* packages from
+	now on. :)
+	(parse-completion-arguments): Replacing with a semantically-sound
+	implementation, as the previous one was a bit confused. Clarifying
+	docstring. Adding commentary table of various constellations of
+	returned values for thorough explanation.
+	(carefully-find-package): Removed. Obsolete by above change.
+	(defstruct fuzzy-matching): Introduced to make internally-used
+	datastructure explicit. Distinguishing ``completion chunks''
+	between those pertaining to the symbol itself and those to the
+	package identifier.
+	(convert-fuzzy-completion-result): Renamed to
+	(fuzzy-convert-matching-for-emacs): Accomodating for the new
+	datastructure. Only the chunks pertaining to the symbol itself are
+	fixed up positionally, the package-chunks are untouched.
+	Necessary for letting package identifiers be highlighted within
+	*Fuzzy Completions* in cases like "sb:with- C-c M-i."
+	(fuzzy-completion-set): Taking out most code to become new
+	(fuzzy-create-completion-set): Doing all the hard work. Crux of
+	this changeset. so to speak. Largly rewritten to accomodate all
+	different cases of PARSE-COMPLETION-ARGUMENT.
+	(fuzzy-find-matching-symbols, fuzzy-find-matching-packages):
+	Accomodating to new datatstructure FUZZY-MATCHING. Adapting
+	docstring accordingly.
+	* swank-backend.lisp: Export WITH-STRUCT.
+	* swank.lisp (eval-for-emacs, fuzzy-completions): 
+	Various trivia like fixing spelling and indentation.
+2007-04-06  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* slime.el (slime-fuzzy-highlight-current-completion): Fix
+	off-by-one error that causes the currently selected 
+	completion in the *Fuzzy Completion* buffer be highlighted
+	one char too far.
+2007-04-06  Tobias C. Rittweiler <tcr at freebits.de>
+	* swank.lisp: Cleanup of parts of the fuzzy completion code.
+	Additionally a couple of enhancements. As follows:
+	(fuzzy-completions, fuzzy-completion-selected): Minor 
+	stylistic and clarifying modifications of the docstrings.
+	(fuzzy-find-matching-symbols): Huge code reorganization.
+	Organizing relevant code into local function TIME-EXHAUSTED-P,
+	renaming local function SYMBOL-MATCH to PERFORM-FUZZY-MATCH,
+	making previously required argument EXTERNAL to new &key
+	argument :EXTERNAL-ONLY, clarifying docstring.
+	(fuzzy-find-matching-packages): Making its return value
+	conformant to that of FUZZY-FIND-MATCHING-SYMBOLS, i.e.
+	instead of returning, among others, a package's name as
+	string, it now returns a symbol representing the package.
+	Accomodates the docstring accordingly. 
+	(fuzzy-completion-set): Minor typographical fix in docstring.
+	Changing local function CONVERT to use MAP-INTO instead of
+	doing it essentially manually. Accomodating to changes of
+	(fuzzy-completion-set):	Additional new feature: 
+	The returned completions are sorted alphabetically by the
+	matched completion string before sorted by its score. 
+	Affects especially the list of all possible completions when 
+	the user hits fuzzy-completion on an empty string within Emacs;
+	also makes the potential limitness of the listed completions
+	clearer to the end user of SLIME.
+	(classify-symbol): New function. Returns a list with keywords
+	that classifies a given symbol. (E.g. :BOUNDP, :MACRO &c)
+	implementing them in a more straightforward and proper way;
+	removes prior KLUDGE in that part of the original function.
+	(convert-fuzzy-completion-result): The above changes made
+	it possible to simplify this function drastically. Now uses
+	the newly introduced function CLASSIFY-SYMBOL.
+	* slime.el: Minor stylistic changes. Additionally:
+	(slime-fuzzy-insert-completion-choice): 
+	(slime-fuzzy-fill-completions-buffer) : Adding use of the 
+	:PACKAGE classification flag returned by SWANK:FUZZY-COMPLETIONS.
+	This flag is called "p".
 2007-04-06  Neil Van Dyke  <neil at neilvandyke.org>
 	* slime.el (sldb-insert-frame): Added mouse-face to frame label

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