[slime-devel] recording and compiling changed definitions

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Sun Apr 8 19:47:37 UTC 2007

attached is a patch which allows slime to track, list and recompile
top level forms which have been edited since the last compilation.

I've added a brief description to the manual, here's the executive

When the, customizable, variable slime-record-changed-definitions is
non-nil we install before/after edit hooks which keep a list of all
the toplevel forms that have been modified and their locations.

The command slime-compile-changed-definitions is run, not bound to any
key, we just recompile all the changed forms.

The command slime-list-changed-definitions pops up a simplistic buffer
with a list of all the forms which would be cempiled by a call to
slime-compile-changed-definitions and the order in which they'd be

comments welcome. i'll apply this shortly unless it breaks slimes
someone's slimewhere slime-record-changed-definitions is NIL (iow i'm
using this email to make sure the patch doesn't breax anything, i
don't expect it to be 100% bug free or perfect from a UI stand point).

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