[slime-devel] Swank disconnects when editing an ASD-file

Rüdiger Sonderfeld kingruedi at c-plusplus.de
Sun Sep 10 23:27:37 UTC 2006

Am 11.09.2006 um 00:14 schrieb Harald Hanche-Olsen:
> It is certainly not normal.  I don't see this, running the same
> software on the same platform.  Does it happen when you open the asd
> file, or when you actually perform an edit on the open file? If the
> latter, does it happen no matter what you do to the file, for example
> modifying a comment, or does it happen while changing code?

It only happens when I start modifying the file regardless of editing  
code or comments.

>  Recall that changing code may cause communication with the sbcl,  
> in order to
> inquire about function arguments et cetera.  I guess even opening a
> file with an (in-package :foo) will cause communication with the sbcl
> concerning the existence of a package named foo.

There is communication going on between sbcl/swank and slime.

> So there is plenty
> of stuff that could go wrong.  Maybe you can find a clue in the
> *slime-events* buffer after things broke.

The following message is printed to *slime-events*

(swank:buffer-first-change "/Users/king/develop/myprojects/xmls-path/ 
":xmls-path-system" t 263)

and swank writes the following in the SBCL instance I'm running

;; swank:close-connection: end of file on #<SB-SYS:FD-STREAM for "a  
constant string" {11BADDB9}>

I have no idea why this happen.


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