[slime-devel] per-slime-dialect slime-connected-hook implementation

_deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Wed Nov 29 04:24:11 UTC 2006

The following snippet adds support for per-slime-dialect hooks
to be called after the connection is established.

A subtle point is that this allows for nice customisation of lisp projects
to be run:

(define-slime-dialect "foo" "sbcl" nil (lambda ()
					 (cd "/foo/project/path/")
					 (slime-load-file "load-foo.lisp")))
(define-slime-dialect "bar" "sbcl" nil (lambda ()
				       	 (cd "/path/to/bar/project/")
					 (slime-load-file "load-bar.lisp")))

Granted, this could have been arranged for via parameters to sbcl, effectively
making an illusion of two "differeng" lisp implementations, but somehow
this just feels... cleaner?

(this is against cvs slime)
--- slime/slime.el	2006-11-29 04:11:54.000000000 +0300
+++ slime-new/slime.el	2006-11-29 04:07:28.000000000 +0300
@@ -1573,20 +1573,29 @@
                         (when package
                           (slime-repl-set-package (second package)))))))
-(defmacro define-slime-dialect (name &optional program hook)
+(defvar *slime-in-dialect* nil)
+(defmacro define-slime-dialect (name &optional program hook connhook)
   "Define a command slime-dialect-NAME to start a specific Lisp.
 PROGRAM is the command to start the inferior process.
 HOOK is function which is run before the process is started."
   (let ((funsym (intern (format "slime-dialect-%s" name)))
         (hooksym (intern (format "slime-dialect-%s-hook" name)))
+        (connhooksym (intern (format "slime-dialect-%s-connected-hook" name)))
         (progsym (intern (format "slime-dialect-%s-program" name))))
        (defvar ,progsym ,program)
        (defvar ,hooksym ,hook)
+       (defvar ,connhooksym ,connhook)
+       (add-hook 'slime-connected-hook
+		 (lambda ()
+		   (when (equal *slime-in-dialect* ,name)
+		     (run-hooks ',connhooksym))))
        (defun ,funsym ()
          ,(format "Start up slime according to `%s'." progsym)
          (let ((inferior-lisp-program ,progsym))
+	   (setq *slime-in-dialect* ,name)
            (run-hooks ',hooksym)
            (call-interactively 'slime))))))

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