[slime-devel] Re: compiling forms/regions/defuns with (optimize (debug 3) (speed 0) (safety 0))

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Wed Nov 22 13:28:08 UTC 2006

Juho Snellman <jsnell at iki.fi> writes:

> I'm afraid there's no portable way of restoring the optimization
> policy back to its original state. CMUCL has an extension to
> with-compilation-unit for this. In SBCL swank-compile-string could
> bind sb-c::*policy*, proclaim the new policy, and only then do the
> compile-file. I don't know about other implementations.

but we could add a :declarations parameter to
swank-backend:swank-compile-string. on lisps where it's possible
(sbcl, cmucl for now) we'd use whatever hooks it took to change these
settings locally, other lisps could just ignore them.

is this good enough?

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