[slime-devel] Clicking on objects

Matthias Koeppe mkoeppe+slime at mail.math.uni-magdeburg.de
Fri Nov 3 16:32:12 UTC 2006

Dan Weinreb <dlw at itasoftware.com> writes:

> I would like it better if, in the second case,

...that is, when the value of the presentation is a CONS or a
non-keyword SYMBOL...

> it inserted a quote, so that the semantics
> was always the same.  (You could always go
> back and delete the quote if you really want
> evaluation.)

I agree this would be convenient in some cases, but the code should at
least make some heuristic attempt to detect whether the insertion
point is already in a quote, and avoid inserting the quote in that
case.  Otherwise, the magically inserted quotes would be too annoying.

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