[slime-devel] Search definition

Levente Mészáros levente.meszaros at gmail.com
Thu May 18 07:50:42 UTC 2006


I wrote a slime extension to search definitions (variables,.functions,
generic functions, etc.) based on fuzzy completions and edit
definiton. It's supposed to work like apropos, but the result is

Here is the idea (although not yet fully implemented)
 + hitting search definitons key brings up minibuffer
 + while editing in the minibuffer you can press TAB which shows fuzzy
competion list for the current content of the minibuffer
 + completion list has a current selection
 + up/down arrows move the current selection while leaving the focus
in the minibuffer, so that you can edit and hit TAB again to update
the completion window
 + hitting enter goes to the definiton in the source files currently
selected and closes minibuffer and completion window and leaves the
source buffer open
 + hitting space opens the definition while leaving the focus in the
minibuffer (minibuffer, completion window and definition window is
visible at the same time)
 + hitting space on several definitons will show the sources of the
definitons on top of each other
 + ESC leaves search definition
 - completion window shows specialized versions of generic functions
in place, so that it can be selected directly (tree)
 - switch between two modes, where changing the selection immediately
shows the definition of the current selection, so you can just move up
and down (C-SPACE?)
 - close all sources that were not open before starting find
definition except the one that was opened by pressing enter

Key bindings are local to search definitions.

Any ides, suggestions?


There's no perfectoin

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