[slime-devel] source location snippet searching

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Mar 31 06:17:03 UTC 2006

* Taylor R. Campbell [2006-03-31 01:59+0200] writes:

> Is there a reason that `slime-goto-source-location' does not narrow to
> the defun before running `slime-isearch'?  The above problem is solved
> by this simple patch:

It's intentional that slime-isearch can move to a different defun.

The snippet is intended for the case when the buffer position of the
source location is stale e.g. because the user inserted a new defun
before that position.  The CMUCL swank records the source string for
functions compiled with C-c C-c and the snippet is extracted from that

The :call-site hint is intended for implementations which only record
the beginning of functions and not the source locations inside

None of our backends uses the :snippet and :call-site hints at the
same time.


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