[slime-devel] repl, stdio flush mode, sbcl started from a core file

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 13:53:08 UTC 2006


did anybody notice that when using slime with sbcl starting from a custom
core file, then the communication channel between the repl buffer and sbcl
seems to be buffered? (sometimes i need to press an enter for the ucw log
output or compile output to arrive in emacs)
i don't seem to experience this if i start a vanilla sbcl and (require ...)
the fasl's into it, but it takes ages compared to starting from a core file.

i create my sbcl core file from xemacs, so swank is already loaded when the
core file is saved, and my guess is that when the communication channel is
re-estabilished between slime and swank, then the flush mode on the unix
file handle is not restored properly. (i have no experience with how
sbcl handles external resources)

unfortunately i can't test right now what happens when not loading swank
into the core file, but i'll try it tonight.

- attila

(alias 101 on irc &no 'its not lisp code :)
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