[slime-devel] slime-create-filename-translator revisted.

Nathan Bird nathan at acceleration.net
Tue Mar 7 16:10:18 UTC 2006

It looks like the patch got applied to the ChangeLog:

But not the slime.el file:

Did I not create the patch correctly? I was just able to apply it...

Well, looking back at it, it seems that the previous patch accidentally
removed the helper function: slime-add-filename-translation.

This patch is also slightly different in that I added "(require 'tramp)" to
the function which requires tramp.

I tested reverting slime.el and applying this patch, everything seems to

Nathan Bird

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I really liked the new slime translation stuff that went in a few days 
ago... except that tramp is a little bit different on xemacs.

Part of it though, tramp has lots of functions for manipulating 
filenames. If we are going to depend on tramp for this feature, the 
automatic creation of translation functions, then lets use the tramp 
stuff that already has this configuration and functions built in.

Here is a lisp paste showing what can be done with the new configuration.

If you like, I can go link this from Cliki as well.

Nathan Bird
nathan at acceleration.net
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