[slime-devel] Re: Unable to get SLIME working with sbcl-0.9.13

rif rif at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 20 16:01:03 UTC 2006

> > Ah, maybe I spoke too soon.  Apparently, I need to set
> > swank:*communication-style* to something other than :spawn.  Is it known
> > that :spawn doesn't work with sbcl?  I somehow thought I'd been using
> > :spawn with sbcl on my other (home) machine, but maybe I was confused.
> :spwan should work fine, but you need to build you SBCL with threads
> enabled -- they are not built by default.

Sorry, I'm confused.  Looking at the SBCL build, the only thread
relevant feature I found was :sb-thread, which does seem to me enabled
by default in the x86 0.9.13 release (it's in *features*).  In any case,
I built a version from source where I explicitly enabled this feature.
I'm not sure how to tell if I did it right, I put a
customize-target-features.lisp file in the toplevel sbcl directory,
right next to the base-target-features.lisp-expr file, and rebuilt.
Using this version did not let SLIME work with :spawn.  SLIME seems to
start, and then immediately says "Process inferior-lisp hangup," and


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