[slime-devel] slime-apropos problem

jcb bug2splat at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 3 20:55:24 UTC 2006

slime-apropos is behaving strangely on my system:

PowerBook G4
Mac OS X 10.4.6
sbcl 0.9.13
Aquamacs 0.9.9c

Here is what happens:

1. Start SLIME

M-x slime

2. Try slime-apropos on "*package*"

C-c C-d a

SLIME Apropos: *package*

3. Check % CPU activity in Activity Monitor.app: the sbcl process 
hovers constantly at around 85%.

It makes the fans come on  :-).

slime-apropos seems to work ok with e.g. "defun".

Try it with "*default-pathname-defaults*", and it'll peg the sbcl process.

This behavior happens with both SLIME from CVS and SLIME 2.0.

Clues? Known issue? Anymore info needed...?


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