[slime-devel] Problems with swank and Allegro CL

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Jul 28 15:02:23 UTC 2006

* Damien Kick [2006-07-27 19:41+0200] writes:
> I am trying to load swank from Allegro CL and it is causing serious problems.

Can you load it, if you put the stream redirection stuff in swank.lisp
in comments? 
Like so:

;;;;; Global redirection setup

;; (setup-stream-indirection *standard-output*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *error-output*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *trace-output*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *standard-input*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *debug-io*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *query-io*)
;; (setup-stream-indirection *terminal-io*)

> Error: Bad type of object (SYNONYM-STREAM) passed to parent.  The
>        object was #<SYNONYM-STREAM @ #x20c60aca>.
> [Current process: Listener 1]
> CG-USER(3):

A backtrace here would be useful.


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