[slime-devel] Re: mixed development environment

Nathan Bird nathan at acceleration.net
Tue Jul 11 19:45:59 UTC 2006

Kamen TOMOV wrote:
> Thanks to all of you for your help! I'm installing Tramp on Windows
> now.
> By the way is anybody successfull running Emacs/SLIME on a Windows
> client and a Lisp runtime on a server of a different platform? I'm
> asking because I need to choose between that and to run Emacs in a X
> terminal.
I use XEmacs+Slime on windows and SBCL+Swank on Debian. With the
filename translations setup, it works just beautifully.

BTW if you can get really creative with the Tramp+Slime setup, for
example when I had to tunnel through a firewall to get to the server, I
created a tramp method that stores all that configuration that I can
just refer to by name from slime.   http://paste.lisp.org/display/17592 

More frequently though, I am on the same network and it is faster to
access the files through file sharing rather than Tramp. The
slime-create-filename-translator function is useful for setting up
tramp, but you can also just create the two lambda functions yourself:

(push (list <Machine-Id>
        (lambda (local-filename)  <Munge the filename>)
        (lambda (remote-filename)  <Munge the filename>))

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