[slime-devel] patch: show initargs/initforms in slime-echo-arglist

Luís Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 01:29:30 UTC 2006


The attached patch extends slime-echo-arglist in order to display a
classe's initargs and initforms when make-instance is detected. Here's
an example:

CL-USER> (defclass foo ()
           ((a :initarg :initarg-a :initform nil)
            (b :initarg :initarg-b)
CL-USER> (make-instance<space>
;; minibuffer displays: (make-instance class &rest initargs)

CL-USER> (make-instance 'foo<space>
;; minibuffer displays: (make-instance 'foo &key (initarg-a nil) initarg-b)

The code is a bit ugly, specially on the elisp side. It could perhaps be
generalized to support more cases like this. Suggestions on how to
improve it are most welcome!

(BTW, the ChangeLog seems to be use the latin-1 enconding, perhaps using
utf-8 and/or adding a -*- coding: ... -*- line at the top would be a
good idea?)

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