[slime-devel] Connection broken (sbcl 0.9.7 & slime-cvs)

Evrim ULU evrim at core.gen.tr
Fri Jan 6 14:38:48 UTC 2006

Helmut Eller wrote:

> This sounds like a character coding issue (not related to the CMUCL
>thing).  It seems as if slime-net-coding-system cannot encode some
>compiler message.  That can happen if you call cl:compile-file
>manually with some external-format that's incompatible with
>slime-net-coding-system, but that would be rather unusual.
>What coding systems are you using for the file?  (M-x
>describe-coding-system can be used to get that information.)  Have you
>customized slime-net-coding-system?  Does the (full) filename contain
>non-ascii characters?  Do you have (shell) environment settings for
>LANG or some of those LC_XXX variables?

I've locale tr_TR.UTF-8. I've solved problem via (setq
slime-net-coding-system 'utf-8-unix). It was caused by a wierd quote symbol.


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