[slime-devel] Spawning child process: invalid argument / Emacs on W2K + SBCL 0.9.12

Peri Didaskalou pfd at torfree.net
Tue Aug 15 04:28:28 UTC 2006

Unfortunately I currently need to hack on a Win2K box.
I don't think it's my choice of CL impl; tried Clisp & SBCL 0.9.12.
I added the requisite four lines to .emacs (which my Emacs, v21.3
can definitely see), but I keep getting:

   Spawning child process: invalid argument 

when I M-x slime .  I get a little something, a  menu bar ' SLIME' addition,
when I M-x slime-mode; but no REPL, etc.

I spent sometime mining GMANE for an answer, but I only saw a partially
similar unanswered question by Peter Siebel.

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.


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