[slime-devel] error running slime + openmcl

Otto Diesenbacher diesenbacher at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 11:18:29 UTC 2006

Hi slimers, :)

after  doing  a  cvs  update   I  have  problems  running  slime  with
openmcl. (having  deleted ~/.slime and  also tried a complete  new cvs

the error happens after trying to start slime:

Welcome to OpenMCL Version 1.0-p060223 (DarwinPPC32)!
? ;Loading #P"/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/swank-loader.lisp"...
;Compiling "/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/swank-backend.lisp"...
;Loading #P"/Users/okflo/.slime/fasl/2006-08-11/openmcl-1.0-darwin-powerpc/swank-backend.dfsl"...
;Compiling "/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/nregex.lisp"...
;Loading #P"/Users/okflo/.slime/fasl/2006-08-11/openmcl-1.0-darwin-powerpc/nregex.dfsl"...
;Compiling "/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/metering.lisp"...
;Loading #P"/Users/okflo/.slime/fasl/2006-08-11/openmcl-1.0-darwin-powerpc/metering.dfsl"...
;Compiling "/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/swank-openmcl.lisp"...
;Compiler warnings for "/Users/okflo/lisp/slime/swank-openmcl.lisp" :
;   Unused lexical variable STREAM, in an anonymous lambda form.
> Error in process listener(1): While compiling an anonymous function :
>                               Can't RETURN-FROM block : FRAME-VAR-VALUE.
> Type :POP to abort.
Type :? for other options.
1 > 

Unfortunately I am not an as expierenced lisp-user to suggest a fix by

I hope you can use this report and thanks for than incredible piece of



Otto Diesenbacher                     mailto:diesenbacher at gmail.com
Salzburg, Austria                     http://okflo.homelinux.net/

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