[slime-devel] Corman 2.51 (again)

James Kirkland captnjameskirk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 09:41:33 UTC 2006

>A couple of people on the Corman forums have asked Roger about SLIME support, so 
>hopefully before 2.6 is released he will have a look at it and perhaps even 
>incorporate Espen's patches. But he's a busy guy, so don't hold your breath.

Well, Roger's response was "we haven't had a chance to look at SLIME support yet" and since his target release date is "any day now" it doesn't look good. On the one hand, I believe part of the incompatibility issue is due to some non-standard stuff in CormanLisp, and so you might be tempted to think that the best way to fix this is to fix CormanLisp. On the other hand, SLIME is written specifically to support different Lisp implementations, not the other way around. If CormanLisp doesn't work with SLIME anymore, and it used to, then SLIME has broken something in it's support of CormanLisp. I would much rather see effort put into getting SLIME to work with 2.6 when it comes out later this month than to have valuable time wasted on 2.51 support. But chances are that whatever is causing SLIME to not work anymore with 2.51 will probably still be the case with 2.6. If it is fixed to work with 2.51 now, there will probably be much less to fix (if anything) with 2.6 later.

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