[slime-devel] Corman 2.51 (again)

James Kirkland captnjameskirk at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 18:29:08 UTC 2006

From: Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net>
>> Am I the only one still using Corman? With the stable slime-2.0 (not
>> CVS) Corman loads without error though there are a couple of
>> warnings, so something's definitely changed. As I posted earlier, it
>> breaks somewhere in swank.lisp but I'm too much of a n00b to tell
>> where it's breaking. I could use some pointers.

>Some of those arglist related tests fail for CormanLisp. I added a
>workaround in the CVS version: it prints a message that the test
>fails, but it continues instead of raising an error.

Thanks for the quick reply and code updates. However, I'm still getting an 
error, but this time there is no backtrace. See below:

?(load "c:/xemacs/slime/swank-loader.lisp")
;;; Warning: Unused variable G13342 in function COMPILE-FILES-IF-NEEDED-SERIALLY
, File c:\xemacs\slime\swank-loader.lisp, line 136
;; Loading c:\xemacs\slime\swank-backend.lisp
;; Loading c:\xemacs\slime\nregex.lisp
;; Loading c:\xemacs\slime\swank-corman.lisp
;; Loading c:\xemacs\slime\swank-gray.lisp
;; Loading c:\xemacs\slime\swank.lisp
;;; An error occurred in function STD-COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD-FUNCTION:
;;; Error: No primary methods for the generic function #<Standard-Generic-Function DEFAULT-READTABLE-ALIST #x1076C2E0>.
;;; Entering Corman Lisp debug loop.
;;; Use :C followed by an option to exit. Type :HELP for help.
;;; Restart options:
;;; 1   Abort to top level.

:c 1

;;; Returning to top level loop.

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