[slime-devel] Re: Slime lockup after returning from SLDB

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sun Oct 30 15:25:20 UTC 2005

* Jonathan Lee [2005-10-30 03:20+0100] writes:

> I believe that I am using the sldb-abort when I press the <a> key (at
> least that's what the SLIME manual PDF file states). When I try using
> the listed "abort" option by clicking on it then pressing the <ENTER>
> key, it locks up just the same though.

Yes, that's true.  The problem is that the `abort' restart is
established by CLISP's native REPL and is "below" the SLIME event
loop. So if you invoke the restart, you jump out of the loop and SLIME
stops responding to events.

The usual way to exit from SLDB is with `q' which to invokes the
`abort-request' restart.

I added some cleanup code in the CVS version, so that the connection
gets closed when the event loop terminates.  Emacs will then display a
message saying that the connection is closed.


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