[slime-devel] Problem with ansi-color-for-commit-mode

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Sun Oct 16 22:26:21 UTC 2005

Hello. I'm using latest CVS slime with emacs (from the
latest emacs-snapshot debian package). When ansi-color-for-commit-mode
is on, M-x slime barfs (i'm attaching the backtrace). Invoking slime
again, and reusing the inferior-lisp, things work ok. I can reliably
reproduce this behaviour with

  emacs -nw -q

(the same happens without -nw) and then 

   (add-to-list 'load-path ...)
   (require 'slime)
   (require 'ansi-color)

The error happens also if i use sbcl instead of cmucl. Unfortunately,
i'm not privy enough with slime.el or ansi-color.el to grok from the
backtrace what's going on, so any help will be appreciated.

We shall do a much better programming job, provided we approach the
task with a full appreciation of its tremendous difficulty, provided
that we respect the intrinsic limitations of the human mind and
approach the task as very humble programmers. (Alan Turing)

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