[slime-devel] Darcs [was: Fix utf-8 net-encoding for Allegro]

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Oct 11 09:06:23 UTC 2005

* Svein Ove Aas [2005-10-11 00:52+0200] writes:

> Have you given any thought to switching to a distributed RCS such as
> Darcs? 

Not seriously, but I too get increasingly annoyed with CVS.
Especially commits to the larger files slime.el and ChangeLog are now
rather slow.  (Not to mention the bug in Emacs' VC package which makes
it impossible to use compression with CVS.)

I used Darcs only a tiny bit to fetch the code of other people and I
don't know how well it works in a multi-user setting.  My primary
concerns are:

- is there a smooth way for the transition so that we don't lose
  information like log entries and "who did what"?

- how mature is Luke's darcs-mode?  Or is there something better?

> It seems like it would match the development style much better,
> not to mention make it easier to track down problems such as the one
> that killed Allegro recently. You could still have an anonymous CVS
> gateway for those that don't wish to install new software, of course.

It would be useful, if we could keep CVS as the default and offer Darcs
as alternative until we know that Darcs is up to the task.  Is that


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