[slime-devel] presentations/repl history problem

Alan Ruttenberg alanr-l at mumble.net
Mon Oct 3 17:58:54 UTC 2005

Somewhere in the last ~2 months, a change I made was (searching for  
the diplomatic word here...) "regressed". The symptom is that when I  
bring back something from the repl history (via meta-p) that contains  
a presentation, the presentation is no longer in the right style, and  
return sends the presentation string rather than for to evaluate to  
the object, causing an error. I spent a reasonable amount of time  
this morning looking for the bug but things have changed enough that  
I can't understand what's going on well enough to find it.

Could someone who is familiar with the relevant changes to the  
presentation system please review this problem and suggest a fix?

The presentation stuff, at least on the emacs side, could use some  
documentation at this point. What are the features? How are they  


2005-08-10  Alan Ruttenberg  <alanr-l at mumble.net>

     * slime.el move slime-repl-add-to-input-history to slime-repl- 
send-input so we can see the presentations we copied to input when we  
reuse history rather than #.(blah...)

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