[slime-devel] loopback interface

Robert Brown robert.brown at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 03:54:17 UTC 2005

Recently, I've been running a Lisp-based server on a batch scheduling
The scheduler starts up my server on an available machine and then I'd like
connect to it with Slime. I've noticed two things:

1. The code in swank.lisp listens on port <>,
which means I cannot
connect to my Lisp server from a remote machine. I must log in to the host
it's running on and then specify "localhost" when I execute slime-connect in
Emacs. If swank is running on host "foo", why doesn't it bind its listening
socket with foo's address?

2. I modified swank.lisp so the server code binds its listening connection
socket with foo's address. Now I can connect from a remote machine. Is there
any convenient way to send whole files across the Slime connection? The
Lisp running the swank server has no NFS access to the machine I'm running
Emacs on. I'd like to be able to edit files on the Emacs side and send then
whole to the Lisp running swank.

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